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Stuart Crowder - aka Social Stu

I have been running Social Media & Digital campaigns for over 14 years producing successful and award-winning work with industry-leading results. With this I've proudly earned great success in finding, maturing and growing talent in the teams that I have led and won an award or two along the way.

I have a wealth of experience across a range of clients including PLADIS UK, ITV, Nestle, Marks and Spencer, Mars Wrigley Confectionery, Marriott Hotels, Sony Mobile, Vodafone, Microsoft (Windows & Xbox) Bacardi & American Express - to name only a few. I’ve managed the brand channels, produced, created and activated the content, run international brand partnerships & events, and gained traction for brands with some of the biggest influencers in the world.

I’ve worked in almost every category of marketing, from Content & Social Media Marketing & Brand Sponsorship's / Partnerships, to Experiential & ATL, so understand the specific demands and requirements of all the elements of the marketing mix, including how Content and Social is best executed by, within, and in connection with every element.

I also consult on organisational change management for Social & Content teams. Building and restructuring teams, consulting on their processes to ensure efficiency, and teaching best practice to assure increased output and quality of work.

I've tried my hand at many things in my career but where my passion lies is with the creative and content aspects. 'Always giving that little bit extra that wasn't expected' as quoted by one of my first bosses. I'm proud of this. It’s my USP and it continually pushes me forward

I’m looking for new challenges, and new problems to solve.  I’m excited about working with new clients and businesses to help them do what they have always wanted too, and never thought they could.

So if you have a question, a problem to solve or a project in mind, please drop me a message, I’m always open to chat.

I look forward to hearing from you






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Baylis Old School, 303 1D Gibson Road, SE11 6PU  |  Tel: 0203 638 7258

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